martes, 27 de septiembre de 2011

Questions and Answers

                                                                 1_ What's your name?
My name is Rafael.

2- What's your favorite month of the year and why?
My mes favorito es diciembre porque nos reunimos en familia a celebrar la navidad. 

3- What's your favorite day of the week ? Why?
My favorite day is saturday because i go to the cinema with my friends.

4- What is your favorite day of the year ?
My favorite day of the year is 24 december.

5- What do you eat of drink on that day?
We eat pasta and drink wine.

6- What do you do or where do you go?
i go to my grandmother's house.

7- When's your birthday?
My birthday is 28 of july.

8- When were you born?
I was born on july 28.
9- How old are you?
I am eighteen years old.

lunes, 26 de septiembre de 2011

Level II My Biography

 Welcome to my blog... In this blog, you will read about me and my English class. I will post my homework and interesting things about learning a second language.

So, let´s get started.. A little bit about me

Hi!! My name’s Rafael Medina you can call me Rafa :D
I’m from Maracaibo originally.  I live in Maracaibo in San Jacinto.I have 18 years and I study Industrial Engineering at URBE.

In my free time I play baseball . It's my favorite sport and go to the gym ..
I like going out on weekends with my friends and I go to church Sunday with my parents

My dreams are trips to Disney World , visit to the Eiffel tower in France. I want to graduate from Industrial Engineering school and be an excellent professional.  I would like work in an important company and in a future buy a house, get married and start a beautiful family and enjoy a comfortable life.